Get Involved

get involved

Getting involved will mean you get the most out of church life and deepen your own relationship with God and other people. There are lots of ways to get involved here at Life Fellowship Church.

If you’re new to the church or have yet to make good connections we suggest come along to a Friday service.  As a growing church we want to develop activities that meet the needs of everyone that is part of the church.  We also want to give everyone opportunities to play their part either through joining in with existing activities or perhaps starting new ones.

How to Get Involved at Life Fellowship Church ?

  1. The first step is to commit to regularly attend a weekly worship service and get to know the people and leaders there.
  2. Become a member of our church or at least attend one that will let you be involved.
  3. Take on a role in the worship services.
  4. Make an effort to attend special events.
  5. Serve in the children’s ministry.
  6. Join the choir or band.
  7. Help with the fundraisers.
  8. Invite other people to visit our church.