We want to help you connect with our Life Fellowship community.

Here are three basic steps you can take to get connected:

STEP ONE: Attend any of our Service.

Following each service, guests are requested to wait for a few minutes in our prayer hall. Make sure to meet any of our pastors before you leave. You’ll hear more about our church, get to know some of our pastors, ask questions and find out your best next step to join us for any of our listed Praise and Worship meetings. Most of our meetings are in Malayalam, however we do have English meetings as listed. Click here to Check our Service Times & Directions. If you have children, they can stay with our Kids Ministry while you attend.

STEP TWO: Get involved in a Lifegroup.

Lifegroups are the best way to get connected. Lifegroups are our small groups that meet throughout the city each week, the place where we get to connect and study God’s word. Are you ready to join a LifeGroup, a place to connect and deepen your relationship with Christ? Click here to Join

STEP THREE: Become a member

Membership is the best way to get cared for.

Church membership is a way of officially identifying oneself with a local body of believers. Church membership is a statement that a Christian is in agreement with that local church and is willing to be identified as a representative of it. In order for us to do this, we have a formal membership process to help us make sure everyone in our church body is shepherded well. Learn more about Church Membership


hr Affiliations: Our church’s affiliation is through KTMCC & IET hr

Our Priorities Worship-Fellowship-Discipleship-Bible Study-Evangelism